MaxQ Research Partners with Blood Centers of America to Provide Innovative Blood Transport Systems

STILLWATER (June 4th, 2019) – MaxQ Research LLC is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Blood Centers of America (BCA) to provide MAXIFY™ technology and cost efficient blood transport packaging systems to its members. As a leader in advanced thermal insulation, lean and efficient pack-outs; MaxQ is revolutionizing the shipping and handling of blood products crucial to the BCA network.


The partnership will ensure that BCA members have access to MaxQ’s validated blood shippers at the best prices. “We’re always looking to bring the most innovative solutions to our members. Our alliance with MaxQ allows us to offer our blood centers the highest quality blood transport products at cost effective pricing,” said Sam Keith, SVP of Supply Chain.


BCA members will benefit from MaxQ’s advanced breakthroughs in thermal insulation sciences; operationally validated pack-outs and their revolutionary line of packaging solutions designed specifically to transport blood and blood-based products. Its MAXIFY™ technology enables user centric turn-key systems with enhanced payload capacity, thermal performance, and cost efficiencies. More blood, blood components and biologics can be packed and shipped in smaller dimensional-weight optimized boxes, while retaining compliant temperatures over longer periods, ensuring higher quality assurance. BCA members will receive unprecedented value through the combination of proven total financial savings, reduced waste, increased workflow efficiencies, enhanced compliance and the overall integrity of their process, contents and container.


“We’re enthusiastic about our partnership with BCA and are confident that its members will have peace of mind knowing the exceptional durability, proven financial savings and deep support we offer. Some of the BCA members have been using our systems for over 2 years and have reported zero losses” said Saravan Kumar, CEO of MaxQ Research.


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About MaxQ Research LLC

MaxQ is the leader in revolutionary shipping systems for sensitive biologics. Based in Stillwater, Oklahoma, the company’s MAXIFY™ Technology delivers superior performance and reliability to blood transport packaging. MaxQ provides advanced solutions for transporting and managing blood products with unprecedented thermal performance, validated safety, revolutionary payload-to-size efficiency and innovation. Learn more at


About Blood Centers of America

Blood Centers of America (BCA) is a member-owned organization comprised of 50 independent blood centers throughout the North America, representing nearly 40 percent of the U.S. blood supply. Along with their core business of providing a substantial portion of U.S. blood supply, other BCA member services include patient blood management, transfusion services, immunohematology testing, therapeutic apheresis, and tissue and cord blood banking. In addition, BCA members provide a variety of human blood products, cells and tissues to the therapeutic, diagnostic and cell therapy industries. Learn more at



Saravan Kumar

CEO, MaxQ Research LLC