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Our Mission 

is to help our clients protect the safety of patients.


Biologics and Biotech drugs must be maintained at specific temperatures to retain quality, maintain efficacy and prevent degradation. Our packaging systems meet strict requirements to help make sure your product is protected, maintaining the quality of temperature-sensitive products. The result is a safer product with almost zero risk of product loss during the shipping process, thereby leading to a cost and performance-optimized supply chain.

How We Do It

Designed for Any Type of Biologic

Our packaging is specifically designed for any type of biologics - blood, packed red cells, whole blood, platelets, plasma, tissue or organs.

Consistent Performance in all ambients

Our packaging is designed at every level to maintain a consistent temperature and prevent loss. 

Durable Solutions

Our packaging systems utilize high strength, low-weight materials that are precision engineered for unprecedented thermal performance and space optimization.

Real-Time Tracking

Our packaging uses real-time tracking to monitor your container and detect any changes in temperature. This allows our clients to act quickly if the contents are in danger of degrading. 

Meet the MaxQ Team

Saravan Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

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Balaji Jayakumar

Chief Operating Officer

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Arif Rahman

Director of Research & Development

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Peter Welchman

Strategic Accounts Manager

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Trung Nguyen

Electronics Applications Engineer

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Tyler Rapp

Senior Thermal Engineer

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Jared Mackey

Production Engineer

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Design Your Solution

Don't see what you need? We have a proven history of designing packaging for our clients. Click below to design your own.


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We design systems for your unique product and operating conditions. Our on-site production facility can design, build, test and validate solutions for the harshest operating conditions.

Share your requirements and our packaging experts can develop an operationally valid prototype as early as 3-4 weeks.

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