Blood Center Solutions

MaxQ’s purpose-designed pre-qualified systems for blood center delivery of packed red cells, plasma, platelets, cord blood, and donor specimen tubes combine unprecedented thermal performance with a space-optimizing design for sustainable cost savings. MaxPlus shippers provide precision-engineered universal (all-season) pack-outs for local deliveries and export shipments. 

MaxPlus Blood Shippers

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Working with some of the major blood centers in the U.S. and abroad MaxQ Research has developed, validated, and successfully implemented the MaxPlus Multi-Product Blood Shipper. The MaxPlus Multi-Product Blood can meet every single blood center packaging requirement with interchangeable pack-outs.

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Optimized for storing and transporting arger size PR Platelet bags (e.g. Cerus INTERCEPT platelet bags), with no need for bag folding.

MaxPlus PR Platelet Shipper is 40% smaller than the current platelet shippers. All-season validation of up to 30 hours in safely transporting 1-15 units make these the most cost-effective solution!

Optimized for storing and transporting platelets for up to 30 hours.

MaxPlus Platelet Shippers offer more product packing space than any other platelet shipping container; maximizing the number of platelet units that can be placed inside.

Optimized for storing and transporting donor tubes at any stage of distribution for up to 24 hours.

MaxPlus Tube Shippers are leak-proof containing absorbent pads and poly bags, usable for various specimens and pack up to 512 Vacutainers®.

MaxPlus export shippers deliver the industry’s highest performance with pre-qualified, universal pack-outs for packed red blood cells and plasma. Our systems have a proven record of reducing and eliminating packaging related shipment losses.

With thousands of domestic and inter-continental shipments, our clients have reduced shipping costs, simplified validation, and expedited handling.

Pre-qualified systems for internal fleet or courier transport of blood & blood products at precise temperatures. Our solutions are purpose-designed for blood-center STAT and change-out deliveries.

We simplify and optimize packaging by providing a single system with an interchangeable pack-out for red blood cells or platelets or plasma.

Validated for shipping cord blood and tissue specimens at precise temperatures (39 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit) for up to 30 hours.

Ergonomically designed, briefcase-style carry MaxPlus Cord Blood and Tissue Shippers are ideal for use in both public and private cord blood banking.

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