MaxPlus Blood Coolers

MaxPlus Blood Coolers do not require bench time or special handling which dramatically improves efficiency and simplifies packouts. MaxPlus Blood Coolers are optimized for storing and transporting packed red blood cells, thawed plasma and platelets. 

It maintains temperatures at 1- 6 degrees Celsius and room temperatures 20 - 24 degrees Celcius for up to 24 hours.

Corrugated Plastic Container

Holds Blood, Platelets and Plasma

Secondary Insert

For added


Fitted Thermal Packs

For maximum temperature


MaxPlus Blood Cooler
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  • Maintains temperatures from at 1-6 degrees Celsius

  • Temperature consistency up to 24 hours

  • Holds blood, platelets and plasma

  • Flexible pack out options - pack blood and platelets together or blood and plasma or different combinations

  • No bench time or special handling

  • Leak proof and spill proof

  • Reinforced handles

  • High strength and durable corrugated plastic

  • Outside of box can be customized with your logo or branding

  • Comes with pack-out instructions

  • Includes box validation services

The MaxPlus Difference

MaxPlus Blood Coolers are optimized for all hospital transfusion uses and can be used for storage and transportation of whole blood, platelets, plasma, tissue, organs and more. Proven to protect against product loss, MaxPlus Blood Coolers hold biological materials at 1-6 degrees Celcius (refrigerated) and 20 - 24 degrees Celcius at room temperature for up to 48 hours. Thanks to unprecedented thermal performance there is no timely preparation needed to reach the optimal temperature for a given sample and no need for bulky foam and messy icepacks. The high strength, durable shippers have flexible packout options - they can have multiple types of biologics packed in a single cooler. The ergonomic, attractively designed shippers come with reinforced handles for easy lifting and can be printed with customer branding. Simplified validation and easy pack out instructions allow for expedited handling.

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