Collection Solutions

MaxQ’s purpose-designed pre-qualified systems for blood center delivery of packed red cells, plasma, platelets, and donor specimen tubes combine unprecedented thermal performance with a space-optimizing design for sustainable cost savings. MaxPlus shippers provide precision-engineered universal (all-season) pack-outs for local deliveries and export shipments. 

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Donor Tube Shipper

SKU# DT17X24

Optimized for storing and transporting donor tubes at any stage of distribution for up to 24 hours.

MaxPlus Tube Shippers are leak-proof containing absorbent pads and poly bags, usable for various specimens and pack up to 512 Vacutainers®.


MaxPlus Multi-Product Blood Shipper

SKU# R13V48

Working with some of the major blood centers in the U.S. and abroad MaxQ Research has developed, validated, and successfully implemented the MaxPlus Multi-Product Blood Shipper. The MaxPlus Multi-Product Blood can meet every single blood center packaging requirement with interchangeable pack-outs.

MaxPlus Multi-Product Blood Shipper (Local Distribution Only)


Pre-qualified systems for internal fleet or courier transport of blood & blood products at precise temperatures. Our solutions are purpose-designed for blood-center STAT and change-out deliveries.

We simplify and optimize packaging by providing a single system with an interchangeable pack-out for red blood cells or platelets or plasma.

MaxPlus Pathogen-Reduced Platelet Shipper


Optimized for storing and transporting larger size PR Platelet bags (e.g. Cerus INTERCEPT platelet bags), with no need for bag folding.

MaxPlus PR Platelet Shipper is 40% smaller than the current platelet shippers. All-season validation of up to 30 hours in safely transporting 1-15 units make these the most cost-effective solution!

MaxPlus Plasma Shipper (Non-Dry Ice)

SKU# PL12V24

Reusable shipper with 3-year service life.

Eliminates frozen plasma breakages by using specialized phase change coolants. Easy to clean, weather resistant construction. Simple, all-season pack-outs. Validated against stringent ISTA 7D based summer and winter ambient conditions.

MaxPlus One-way Export Shipper

SKU# 1RBC20M48, SKU# 1RBC4X48, SKU# 1RBC10X72

MaxPlus export shippers deliver the industry’s highest performance with pre-qualified, universal pack-outs for packed red blood cells and plasma. Our systems have a proven record of reducing and eliminating packaging related shipment losses.

With thousands of domestic and inter-continental shipments, our clients have reduced shipping costs, simplified validation, and expedited handling.