Diagnostic Solutios

Purpose-built and validated MaxPlus Packaging Solutions are pre-qualified to hold specimens at precise temperatures during transport. Our easy to pack, quick to deploy, pre-qualified solutions range from single-use instant-activation STAT transport pouches to 72 hour UN3373 shippers that provide enhanced flexibility in all shipping ambient environments.

Great for COVID-19 Patient blood specimens, swabs, diagnostic assays, reagents, vaccines, therapeutics.

MaxPlus UN3373
Intelligent Specimen Shipper
with MaxTrace


First-of-its-kind shipper with on-board GPS specimen location and temperature monitoring. Access shipment location in near real-time and receive temperature-excursion notifications.

*** Annual subscription for tracking platform access must be purchased separately. Unlimited number of user accounts, data transfers or reporting. Annual NIST recalibration included as a part of platform subscription.

MaxPlus Alpha 2.0


MaxPlus Alpha 2.0 is the new the state of the art in continuous temperature monitoring. Optimized for packed red blood cells, whole blood, platelets, plasma, tissue, organs, and more, the Alpha Coolers exhibit live temperature status LCD displays and can be tracked on your mobile device or computer for end-to-end chain of custody. Validated for up to 24 hours.

MaxPlus Specimen Pouch

SKU# SP10LB6 (Small), SKU# SP30LB6 (Large)

Optimized for transporting refrigerated, frozen or room temperature blood specimen tubes for up to 8 hours.


The MaxPlus Specimen Pouch packs up to 10 tubes for the small size and up to 30 tubes for the large size. Validated for in-hospital, courier, or lock box specimen storage operations.

MaxPlus STAT Pouch


Optimized for STAT activation and transport of patient blood specimens


The MaxPlus STAT Pouch is validated up to 60 minutes for in-hospital use and transport in temperature controlled cabin of a courier vehicle.

MaxPlus UN3373 Reusable Shipper

SKU# SP1V24 (Small Overnight), SKU# SP3V72 (Med. 3 Day), SKU# SP3V24 (Medium Overnight)

Proven to last 18 to 22 export shipments before re-skinning. Use in internal logistics or medical courier service distribution proven to last 100+ shipments. Three year Service life.

MaxPlus UN3373 One-Way Shipper

SKU# 1SP10X24

For 3PL Overnight Specimen Transport. UN3373 Category B Biological Substance.