MaxPlus EMT Cooler

MaxPlus EMT Coolers are designed for quick deployment and to stand up to repeated in-field and in-hospital use. All with no special handling or bench-time conditioning. They store 2 whole blood units at optimal temperatures for up to 24 hours. MaxPlus EMT Coolers are validated for all-season performance in the diverse environmental ambients faced by emergency medical transport and air evac operations.

Ergonomic Strap

Straps for fast and on the go transportation

Corrugated Plastic

Holds 2 whole blood units

EMT Specific

Designed for emergency medical transportation and air evac operations 

MaxPlus EMT Cooler
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  • Maintains temperatures at 1-6 degrees Celsius 

  • Temperature consistency up to 24 hours

  • No bench time

  • Holds 2 whole blood units 

  • Leak proof and spill proof

  • Ergonomic Straps

  • High strength and durable corrugated plastic

  • Outside of box can be customized with your logo or branding

  • Comes with pack-out instructions

  • Includes box validation services for emergency medical transportation and air evac operations

The MaxPlus Difference

MaxPlus Emergency Medical Transportation (EMT) Cooler is validated for up to 24 hours. It is optimized for quick in-field deployment - all with no bench time conditioning or special handling.  Purpose designed for emergency medical transportation and air evac operations the EMT cooler provides consistent, universal (all-season) performance.  The small, light weight system includes easy to follow pack-out instructions for deployment within seconds.

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