Hospital Transfusion Solutions

MaxPlus coolers and specimen pouches are perfect for in-hospital use, stat transport, transfusion deliveries, hematology specimens pick-ups and more. Our coolers are optimized for packed red cells, whole blood, platelets, plasma, specimens, tissue and organs. All with no special handling or bench-time conditioning. The pre-validated MaxPlus blood coolers with simple pack-outs and instructions can be issued in a matter of seconds helping our clients protect the safety of patients.


MTP 2.0


Optimized for storing and transporting packed red blood cells, thawed plasma and platelets in a single cooler for up to 12 hours.


With enhanced infection control compliance. 

MaxPlus OR/ER Cooler

SKU# R10MB, R12MB, R14MB, RT10MB

MaxPlus Blood Coolers do not require bench time or special handling which dramatically improves efficiency and simplifies packouts. MaxPlus Blood Coolers are optimized for storing and transporting packed red blood cells, thawed plasma and platelets.  It maintains temperatures at 1- 6 degrees Celsius and room temperatures 20 - 24 degrees Celcius for up to 24 hours.

SKU# A12X12

MaxPlus Alpha 2.0 is the new the state of the art in
continuous temperature monitoring. Optimized for packed red blood cells, whole blood, platelets, plasma, tissue, organs, and more, the Alpha Coolers exhibit live temperature status LCD displays and can be tracked on your mobile device or computer for end-to-end chain of custody. 

MaxPlus Alpha 2.0

MaxPlus STAT Pouch


SKU# STAT-1PLT (Platelet version)

SKU# STATSG1S (Case of 10, PCM22 gel-packs for STAT1-PLT pouch)

Optimized for STAT activation and transport of patient blood specimens


The MaxPlus STAT Pouch is validated up to 60 minutes for in-hospital use and transport in temperature controlled cabin of a courier vehicle.

MaxPlus Multi-Product Blood Shipper (Local Distribution Only)


Pre-qualified systems for internal fleet or courier transport of blood & blood products at precise temperatures. Our solutions are purpose-designed for blood-center STAT and change-out deliveries.

We simplify and optimize packaging by providing a single system with an interchangeable pack-out for red blood cells or platelets or plasma.

MaxPlus EMT Cooler

SKU # EMT10V24

MaxPlus EMT Coolers are designed for quick deployment and to stand up to repeated in-field and in-hospital use. All with no special handling or bench-time conditioning. They store 2 whole blood units at optimal temperatures for up to 24 hours. MaxPlus EMT Coolers are validated for all-season performance in the diverse environmental ambients faced by emergency medical transport and air evac operations.

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