MaxPlus Multi-Product Blood Shipper (Local use only)


  • Payload Temps:

Red Blood Cells: 1-10°C
Liquid Plasma: 1-10°C
Cold Store Platelets: 1-10°C
Platelets (20-24°C)
Plasma (<-18°C, dry ice)


  • Capacity and Validation
       Red Blood Cells, Liquid      
       Plasma, and Cold Store
      Platelets: 10 units

       Platelets: 12 units
       Plasma: 6-9 units

  • Validated for 24 hours

  • Insulated Shipper with corrugated plastic inner and outer skins

  • Refrigerated, frozen, and controlled room temperature coolant bottles included.

  • Size: 13.5"x12.5"x11"

  • Weight (empty): 7 lbs