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    Is your hospital or immunization program ready for COVID-19 vaccines?

    A live white paper  summarizing the recent developments, CDC guidelines and vaccine manufacturer instructions.

     MaxPlus Vaccine Coolers are already deployed in several locations and are validated to transfer thawed vaccines between 2-8 C with continuous monitoring.

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    86% Reduction in pRBC Loss Using MaxPlus MTP Coolers

    Harbor UCLA Medical Center, Level 1 Trauma Center streamlined its transfusion operations and saved costs by implementing the MaxPlus MTP Cooler.

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    When Seconds Count - Count on our MTP Cooler

    The design and utility of MaxPlus MTP coolers are well-suited for emergency release of blood products rapidly and efficiently. The ability to pack warm plasma  next to RBC without compromising either products' temperature enable pack and release at 10x the industry standard.

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    Improving the Blood Supply Chain

    Transporting blood products from donor to patient for transfusion is often an inefficient and costly process. In fact, the modern blood supply chain includes 7 points of failure where any delays, miscommunications, or procedural issues can cause serious problems.


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