MaxPlus MTP 2.0


  • Maintains temperatures at 1-6 degrees Celsius 

  • Temperature consistency up to 12 hours

  • No bench time

  • Easy to clean and disinfect for enhanced compliance

  • Store 1-6 units of pRBC, 1-6 units of warm/cold Plasma and 1-2 units of platelets

  • Platelet storage fits Cerus INTERCEPT bags and standard apheresis bags.

  • Leak proof and spill proof

  • Built-in wheels

  • High strength and durable for long service life​

  • Outside of box can be customized with your logo or branding

  • Comes with pack-out instructions and validation guide​

The MaxPlus Difference

MaxPlus Massive Transfusion Protocol Cooler serves as both storage and transportation for packed red blood cells, thawed plasma and platelets at precise temperatures. The shipper is designed to accommodate all massive transfusion protocol needs and easy to follow pack-out instructions simplify the validation and implementation processes. Thanks to unprecedented thermal performance there is no timely preparation needed to reach the optimal temperature for a given sample and no need for bulky foam and messy icepacks. The high strength, durable shippers are leak and spill proof, and customized pack outs are available to safely move a variety of specimen. The ergonomic, attractively designed shipper comes with built in wheels and a pull handle and can be printed with customer branding.