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The latest news on cold shipping, thermal packaging, blood and biologics shipping. Read articles about the impacts of next-generation thermal packaging and developments in the blood and biologics supply chain.

  • OSU Drone Research Partnership Aims to Improve Emergency Responses

    OSU’s Unmanned System Research Institute has teamed up with Stillwater startup MaxQ to demonstrate the life-saving capabilities of drone technology. The project combines OSU’s drone expertise with MaxQ’s proprietary technology to improve delivery times for medicine and other crucial supplies. Time can mean the difference between life and death in a medical emergency. Drones can circumvent infrastructure damage and help save lives. 

  • i2E continues connection with MaxQ Research

    i2E's connection to MaxQ Research, a Stillwater company that creates validated packaging systems for blood and other biologics, actually began with the 2012 Governor's Cup, now the Love’s Entrepreneur’s Cup, Oklahoma’s statewide collegiate business plan competition sponsored by Love's Travel Stops and Country Stores. MaxQ was one of the competing business plans.

  • BioMatters: Stillwater’s MaxQ uses Innovation, New Materials for Health Care

    Today, MaxQ owns one patent on the box technology, has filed for a second patent on compartmentalized vacuum insulation and is working on a third for highly insulating foams its scientists developed themselves. The company is now innovating for the construction industry, operating out of a 6,200 square foot building that provides room for both R&D and manufacturing. It created new structural insulation using foam-filled honeycomb materials that provide four to five times the thermal protection of current solutions.

  • i2E, Inc., Leads $889,000 Investment in Stillwater’s MaxQ

     i2E, Inc., recently led an $889,000 investment round in Stillwater, OK-based MaxQ, a startup company that has developed proprietary insulated packaging systems for the blood supply chain and associated life science industries. MaxQ offers a comprehensive suite of validated, reusable or one-way shipping systems for donor blood collection, hospital distribution, transfusion blood storage, vaccines, and biological agents. Its packaging systems lower costs and reduce inefficiencies and hassles from the blood transport workflow.

  • Startup Company Raises Over $1.33 Million

    Stillwater-based startup company that makes insulated shipping packages for blood and other biological agents has raised more than $1.33 million, including $889,000 in funding led by i2E Inc. MaxQ sells reusable or one-way shipping systems for donor blood collection, hospital distribution, vaccines and biological agents. Its packaging systems lower costs and reduce inefficiencies from the blood transport workflow. “Lifesaving biological products like blood, vaccines and pharmaceuticals must be stored and transported within a specific cold chain,” said Saravan Kumar, MaxQ CEO. 

  • On the Road to Invention with SBIR

    Saravan Kumar, Balaji Jayakumar, Shoaib Shaikh, and Jessica Shelton competed in the 2012 Open Minds Competition. The invention aids the healthcare industry by reducing weight and the cost for shipping blood, pharmaceuticals, and other materials that must remain cold when shipped. When I met for the second time, the team’s first U.S. patent, no. 9,027,782, had just issued, and they were in the process of securing funding for their growing venture. That’s where the SBIR Road Tour or Small Business Innovation Research Road Tour comes in to this story.

  • MaxQ Returns to Meridian; Company Growth Reflective of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

    MaxQ Research has maxed out its manufacturing space and returned to the Meridian Technology Center for Business Development to launch its thermal package qualification testing laboratory. “We’ve simply outgrown our current space,” said Saravan Kumar, MaxQ Research CEO. “We explored a variety of locations in Stillwater and quickly realized the Center for Business Development was the best fit.”

  • MaxQ Research Partners with Blood Centers of America to Provide Innovative Transport

    MaxQ Research LLC is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Blood Centers of America (BCA) to provide MAXIFY™ technology and cost efficient blood transport packaging systems to its members. As a leader in advanced thermal insulation, lean and efficient pack-outs; MaxQ is revolutionizing the shipping and handling of blood products crucial to the BCA network.

  • Thinking Inside the Box Brings Success to Stillwater Startup

    Saravan Kumar likes to think inside the box. After all, that’s what has made his business successful. He is the director of Research for MaxQ, a startup located in the Center for Business Development at Meridian Technology Center in Stillwater. The company is developing a series of multi-use, lightweight insulated shipping containers. Kumar said the MaxTemp containers, made of an innovative composite material, have three major advantages over existing containers on the market. “They can hold a larger volume of materials, have a higher insulation rating and higher impact resistance.”

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