Pharmaceutical & Clinical Trial Packaging

MaxPlus Pharmaceutical and Clinical trial packaging systems are designed to be monitored throughout the shipping process. Our next-generation of smart packaging allows your shipment to be monitored and tracked on a computer or mobile. It predicts performance and provides actionable data for preventive measures. Our packaging is a full turnkey system with product specific validations. Our MaxPlus solutions are optimized for clinical trials, cell therapy, transplant organs and tissue and transfusions.

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Next-Generation Smart Packaging


Systems monitor temperature status in near-real time and can be viewed on your mobile phone or computer. Our packaging solutions keep you aware of the location and the temperature of your product at all times.


Pre-qualified pack-outs for up to 120 hours, validated for customer-specific products. Our systems can handle controlled room temperature, refrigerated and dry ice shippers. We also offer comprehensive shipper qualification service capabilities.


Containers have live temperature and location monitoring and can be monitored on a mobile device or computer. This provides continuous end-to-end temperature and breach compliance data. If something starts to go wrong you will know and be able to make a change.


Real-time Temperature & location

Trackable on mobile and computers

Universal pack-outs

Tested across all ambients

Highly Durable Shippers

Up to 120 hours of performance

MaxPlus Clinical Trial Shipper
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Clinical Trial Shipper

  • Available to lease or purchase

  • Temperature consistency up to 120 hours

  • Real-time Temperature Status 

  • Can be tracked on a mobile device and computer

  • Continuous end-to-end temperature & breach compliance data

  •  NIST® Traceable Certification

  • High strength and durable packaging materials

  • Simple pack-out instructions included

The MaxPlus Difference

Max Plus Clinical Trail shippers are purpose-designed to enhance visibility of your shipments by providing temperature data. Integrated monitoring solutions enable intelligent actionable data of your shipments by predicting shipment performance and providing real-time alerts. All Clinical Trial Shippers have NIST® Traceable Certification. Thanks to unprecedented thermal performance there is no timely preparation needed to reach the optimal temperature. Simplified validation and easy pack out instructions allow for expedited handling.

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