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2021 MaxPlus Alpha Sensor and Controller Updates; MaxTemp app updates

Auto pairing

Users can now auto pair sensors with main controllers. The NIST recalibration process will be shorter and easier. Customers don’t need to wait for recalibration. MaxQ will send out new sensors every year.

NIST recalibration process:

Step 1: 1 month before the certification expire, the sale team will contact the customer to remind them about the expired date.

Step 2: 1 week before the certification expire, MaxQ will send out the calibrated sensor with instruction and a return label.

Step 3: Customer will use the return label and pack the old sensor, then send it back to MaxQ.

Step 4: Follow up call to check if the customer repairs the sensor successfully.

Instructions on how to repair a new sensor:

MaxTrace Alpha and Alpha Cooler 2 Re-pai
Download • 142KB

Alpha System Improvements

Interface Button Redesign:

We discovered that the buttons being on the outside of the box unprotected, paired with the sensitivity of the buttons to be the leading cause to accidental depression of the power button. This can cause the device to turn off during shipment (causing data loss and shipment uncertainty) or accidental activation while in storage. We decided to change the button style from the membrane switches to tactile switches with a plastic covering to protect the logger from unintentional interactions.

Additional temperate range setting:

In the beginning, the Alpha Coolers primarily served hospitals and were used to transfer blood. The more traction the Alpha Cooler System gained, the need for additional temperature ranges and data acquisition fields grew. Rising to meet that need, we added a setting screen for setting the temperature range. To suit their needs, customers can now set the range to any interval from 1 to 30°C on normal Alphas, and 1 to 40°C on MT Alphas.

***Hardware firmware version: 2.0.2***

Mobile App Release

Filter “MaxQ” Devices only in Bluetooth discovery mode.

There are many Bluetooth devices inside of a hospital, which can make it difficult to find and connect to the MaxQ Coolers. A filter layer was added in the discovery mode so the app will show MaxQ Devices only.

Support MT Devices (Both Ambient and Payload Temperature)

With the introduction of the MT variant of the Alpha system, which has the capability to record the ambient and payload temperatures simultaneously, the iOS app was the only platform that was able to handle both temperature data sets upon introduction. Now iOS and Android can support the MT Alpha variant.

Improve PDF Preview and Generation

A feature that was well received in the android app was the ability to preview the PDF before sharing it. We recognize the desire to preview the data, so we have implemented it into the iOS app.

Mobile Android App: 6.0.1

Mobile iOS App: 1.6

Desktop App Release

Filter “MaxQ” Cooler only in BLE discovery mode.

We are also adding the Bluetooth filter that is available in the mobile versions of MaxTemp to the desktop version to increase the ease of finding MaxQ Coolers while in a hospital or other areas with heavy Bluetooth use.

Support MT Cooler (Both Ambient and Payload Temperature)

Just like the Android app, the MT variant of the Alpha system is now supported on the desktop app. The App is now able to handle both temperature data sets.

Fixed BLE connection issues.

There was a small bug with the way the provided USB dongle interfaced with the windows app. The app was always refreshing on what devices the dongle could see, which caused some coolers appear and disappear before you had the chance to connect to it. Now when a cooler is detected, it will record that cooler so you have a chance to connect with that cooler before it disappears.

Desktop App: 1.0.22