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Checklist for Blood Transport Materials for Blood Banks

For guidance in selecting effective blood transport solutions, here is a checklist for blood banks.

Directors of supply chain, logistics, or quality can use this checklist to compare the solutions available from different vendors.

CFOs should be aware that the total cost for any solution includes the cost of original packaging + cost for shipping + cost of blood product wastage + cost for compliance, minus how many times the packaging materials can be reused.

1. Capacity: How many units of blood can be carried?

2. Weight: What is the weight when fully loaded with cooling materials and blood products?

3. Cooling materials: Are payload-specific cooling materials included in the packaging system?

4. Shipping duration: How long will the packaging system keep the correct temperature?

5. Durability: Can the cold box survive the normal shocks and impacts it will be exposed to?

6. Method of transport: Is the packaging suitable for transport by blood bank fleet, volunteer drivers, door-to-door specialty couriers, or third-party logistics providers such as UPS or Fedex?

7. Price: Which cold box meets all the requirements listed above for the lowest cost? Does this include the cost of original materials, shipping costs for fully loaded weights, and how many times the materials can be reused?

8. Purpose-designed: Have all the materials and pack-outs been designed specifically for transporting blood products? Does the design include advanced insulation technology and innovative pack-out design to increase capacity, extend shipping duration, and lower total cost?

9. Integrated system from a single source: Do all the materials belong to an integrated, turnkey system from one vendor?

10. Flexibility: Does the system provide all the components necessary to successfully package every type of blood product?

11. Pre-validation: Does the system carry its own pre-validation report to save buyer’s time and money on evaluation and compliance?

12. Product wastage: Does the cold transport system reduce costly wastage of blood and blood products?

Find out how MAXQ’s advanced packaging for blood banks measures up against this checklist here.

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