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Cleaning (Disinfecting) Instructions for MaxPlus Blood Coolers

At MaxQ, our primary goal is to support our hospital, blood center and diagnostic lab service providers as we fight this pandemic. We received a few requests from hospital blood banks requesting support in establishing cleaning, disinfecting protocol for MaxPlus family of Blood Coolers.

These instructions apply for cleaning (disinfecting) the following MaxPlus products:

1. MaxPlus Blood cooler (SKU# R10MB, RT10MB, R12MB, R14MB, MTP14MB)

2. MaxPlus EMT cooler (SKU# EMT10VIP)

3. MaxPlus Alpha cooler (SKU#A12MB)

Cleaning process:

MaxQ’s MaxPlus blood coolers are recommended to be cleaned with commercially available cleaning products that can be used on plastic surfaces. Some of the recommended cleaning products are:

· Sani Cloth

· Virex

· OR wipes

· 6 – 8% Hydrogen Peroxide solution

· 10% Bleach solution

The MaxPlus blood coolers are manufactured with a plastic that is chemically inert, with a NIL pH factor. Most oils, solvents and water have no effect, allowing it to perform even when exposed to harsh chemicals.

A downloadable one-page version of this procedure can be accessed using the link below

How to Clean (Disinfect) MaxPlus Coolers

If you need assistance with implementing this cleaning protocol, patient specimen packaging, or transfusion blood product storage and transport, please reach out to us at Our expert team is standing by to support you in any way possible.


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