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How MAXQ Can Help Hospitals Seeking Better Blood Transport and Bedside Storage Materials

MAXQ is an advanced materials R&D firm that reconsidered the requirements of today’s hospitals.

Then we created a turnkey system of blood transport and bedside storage materials that provide better efficiency, simpler compliance, and lower overall costs.

Here are all the items in the checklist for hospitals seeking blood transport and beside storage solutions, filled in with a note on the capabilities of MAXQ’s advanced packaging.

1. Capacity: How many units of blood can be carried? Does the cooler capacity meet the requirement for transfusion protocol?

MAXQ provides the highest usable volume per dimensional weight, with unmatched payload-to-size efficiency.

2. Weight: What is the weight when fully loaded with cooling materials and blood products?

MAXQ has designed every element of the system for optimized dimensional weight to reduce all shipping and packaging costs per unit.

3. Cooling materials: Are payload-specific cooling materials included in the packaging system?

MAXQ’s turnkey systems include optimized temperature control agents for unprecedented thermal performance. Test results are available on request.

4. Storage duration: How long will the packaging system keep the correct temperature? Has this been pre-validated by the supplier to save steps in validation?

MAXQ provides the longest temperature hold time, as documented in repeated testing. Test results are available on request. Pre-validation documents are provided to save time and effort in validation.

5. Time to pack and issue coolers: Are there any special pre-conditioning steps involved before issuing a cooler (e.g. thawing gel packs)?

Not with MAXQ, which does not use gel packs or any other materials that require pre-conditioning. This saves time and streamlines delivering blood products for transfusion.

6. Pack-out consistency: How consistently can the cold box be packed by lab technicians? How consistently does it avoid seasonal product loses due to changes in ambient environment?

Lab technicians appreciate how the purpose design of the MAXQ system aids them in consistent packing. MAXQ provides simple step-by-step pack-out instructions, the pack-out assembly ensures highly consistent payload temperatures for a long duration, as documented in repeated testing. Test results are available on request.

7. Pack-out validation: How efficiently can the cold box be validated for consistent performance?

Every package from MAXQ includes pre-validation reports, which dramatically reduce the effort required for in-hospital testing. Sample validation reports are available on request.

8. Pack-out simplicity: Does the system simplify and eliminate steps within the packing process to achieve higher efficiency?

Yes, every element in MAXQ’s system has been designed specifically to streamline the packing process and reduce time and effort.

9. Price: Which materials meet all the requirements listed above for the lowest cost? Does this include the cost of original materials, costs for validation and testing, efficiencies in fulfilling orders, and how many times the materials can be reused?

When factoring in every item that contributes to overall costs (packaging + compliance + efficiency + blood product wastage minus reuse) MAXQ provides lower costs per unit shipped or stored.

10. Purpose-designed: Have all the materials and pack-outs been designed specifically for storing blood products bedside near the patient? Does this design include advanced insulation technology and innovative pack-out design to increase capacity, extend storage duration, reduce wastage and lower total cost?

Yes, from MAXQ.

11. Integrated system from a single source: Do all the materials belong to an integrated, turnkey system from one vendor?

Yes, from MAXQ.

12. Flexibility: Does the system provide all the components necessary to successfully package every type of blood product?

Yes, from MAXQ.

13. Pre-validation: Does the system carry its own pre-validation report to save buyer’s time and money on evaluation and compliance?

Yes, every item in the MAXQ product line has been pre-validated to save you time and effort in testing and compliance.

14. Product wastage: Does the cold transport system reduce costly wastage of blood and blood products?

Yes, current MAXQ customers report reduced blood product wastage, with zero losses to date.

To find out more about how your blood bank can benefit from MAXQ’s advanced packaging, contact us here!

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