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MaxPlus Vaccine Coolers Assist in COVID-19 Vaccination Drives

Employed by several state health departments, hospitals, and clinics, the MaxPlus Vaccine Coolers are enabling efficient and rapid administration of vaccines across the United States and abroad. The purpose-built MaxPlus packaging solutions are pre-qualified to store and transport the COVID-19 vaccine at precise temperatures.

The pre-qualified, easy to pack and quick to deploy solutions range from CDC compliant validated coolers to shippers integrated with the on-board MaxTrace™ system, a digital data logger and breach detection system that provides greater flexibility in all shipping ambient environments.

With the emergency use authorization (EUA) approval of two vaccines for COVID-19 in December 2020, MaxQ started working with staff at several state health agencies, hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics. MaxQ developed a technical whitepaper “Is your hospital or immunization program ready for COVID-19 vaccines?” in December 2020 to assist in the biggest vaccination campaign of this century.

The MaxQ is so easy to set up and transport that it has quickly become our go to cooler for transporting vaccines.” - Victor Obeck, Temperature Analyst with Philadelphia Department of Health

Our packing experts supported several departments in quickly validating the coolers and developing SOPs for CDC/VFC compliant transportation, storage, and last mile distribution of vaccines for inoculation drives.

All MaxPlus vaccine coolers come out of the box as a kit with coolant packs, step by step pack-out instructions, and a preliminary validation report to make training and implementation easy.

To find out more about the MaxPlus Vaccine Coolers, visit, or reach out to us at Our expert team is standing by to support you in any way possible.

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