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MaxQ Launches New MaxPlus Vaccine Cooler

MaxQ Research has launched transport and emergency vaccine coolers. The MaxPlus vaccine cooler is integrated with MaxTrace™ temperature monitoring technology, to best store temperature sensitive biologics under continuous monitoring. With validation duration of at least 12 hours, no bench time conditioning and Never-Freeze pack-outs, this cooler is expected to make a timely impact in health departments and immunization programs across the United States.

The vaccine cooler does not require electricity or ice to remain in temperature. Integrated, onboard digital data loggers provide audit ready temperature data, live temperature readout and temperature reports via Bluetooth. Additionally, the cooler is delivered as a complete system, including gel packs, a shoulder strap and spring loaded handles.

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed an unprecedented stress on both domestic and global vaccine supply chains. It is critical to maintain vaccines at precise, manufacturer recommended temperatures, during storage and transit. According to the Center for Disease Control, “Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit,” vaccines that are transported to off-site locations or satellite facilities, must use a Qualified Container or Portable Refrigerator. Additionally, the vaccines must have a Temperature Monitoring Device. Further, the guideline also requires each vaccine storage location to have an emergency vaccine storage and handling protocol in case of an equipment (refrigerator / freezer) failure.

The MaxPlus Vaccine Coolers are designed with proven Maxify™ thermal protection technology to offer a simple, economical and easy-to-implement solution. The cooler has been created to help transport the emergency storage of Flu and COVID-19 vaccines (when launched).

State health programs, across the country, are preparing to run mass vaccination camps in schools, community centers, county health centers, large healthcare systems and curbside programs at pharmacies. These vaccination camps will assist in rapid immunization. The MaxPlus Vaccine Cooler is engineered to help the immunization programs to plan and efficiently transport vaccines, at precise temperatures, while complying with the CDC regulations.

To find out more about the MaxPlus Vaccine Cooler, please reach out to us at Our expert team is standing by to support you in any way possible.


1. CDC Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit. Accessed from:

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