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MaxQ Research's Complete Blood Center Solutions

We at MaxQ Research recognize that blood products have a variety of uses and needs, and that by extension, you do as well. MaxQ Research offers a wide range of solutions to any human blood product problem that you may have. Whether you are sending blood to a patient for a transfusion, to the diagnostic lab for review, or sending it overseas, MaxQ has a solution for you. Our team is always innovating and solving blood product problems. If you have a problem that we currently lack a solution to, let us know and we will be happy to work with you to find a solution.


MaxPlus Non-Dry Ice Plasma Shipper

MaxPlus collection containers are designed specifically for blood center delivery of packed red blood cells, plasma, platelets, and donor tubes. They are pre-qualified to maintain refrigerated temperatures and combine unprecedented thermal performance with an optimized design to save space while keeping costs at a minimum. Our shippers provide all-season pack-outs for local delivery and export shipping. Products include non-dry ice plasma shippers, platelet shippers designed to fit INTERCEPT bags without folding, donor tube shippers, and multi-purpose blood shippers.


MaxPlus Intelligent Shipper

Purpose-built and validated MaxPlus Packaging Solutions are pre-qualified to hold specimens at precise temperatures during transport. Our easy to pack, quick to deploy, pre-qualified solutions range from single-use instant-activation STAT transport pouches to 72 hour UN3373 shippers that provide enhanced flexibility in all shipping ambient environments. From our new intelligent international shipper with on-board temperature and GPS tracking to our specimen pouches, we have solutions to fit any need, no matter how large or small.


Alpha OR/ER Blood Cooler 2.0

MaxPlus coolers and specimen pouches are perfect for in-hospital use, STAT transport, transfusion deliveries, hematology specimens pick-ups, and more. Our coolers are optimized for packed red cells, whole blood, platelets, plasma, specimens, tissue and organs. All with no special handling or bench-time conditioning. The pre-validated MaxPlus blood coolers have simple pack-outs and can be deployed in a matter of seconds to help our clients protect the safety of patients. We offer all-in-one Mass Transfusion coolers, OR/ER Blood coolers with or without a temperature tracking data logger, and a cooler made specifically for EMS use.

Custom Solutions

Have a packaging challenge, a risk or a potential issue as you navigate new or deficient users' needs? We design systems for your unique product and operating conditions. Our on-site production facility can design, build, test and validate solutions for the harshest operating conditions.

Share your requirements and our packaging experts can develop an operationally valid prototype as early as 3-4 weeks.

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