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The MaxPlus Multi-Product Shipper Protects Plasma, RBCs, & Whole Blood

Shipping and distribution of blood and blood products can be challenging. Complicated by diverse operational needs and compliance requirements, different blood products require packaging for different temperature ranges. The insulation, cooling material, and pack-out must be varied based on the type of blood product being packaged and transported. Hence, the storage containers or shippers used for collections drive (whole blood or apheresis products) are typically different from shippers employed for the local or export distribution of processed units (red blood cells, plasma – chilled/frozen).

Blood Centers routinely use three or four different shipping boxes each day in order to move blood products safely from collection sites to processing centers to hospitals. Training staff and tracking inventory of three or four types of shippers is an expensive proposition. Further, each of them requires a different SOP for cleaning and packing, making the supply chain error prone. All this training and inventory management is ultimately for shippers that have a low usable life span and insufficient insulation capacity. Such is the magnitude of risk that it predicates a loop of regularly buying more boxes and disposing of retired boxes in order to limit the risk of product loss.

Indeed, the vision of having one shipper for all blood center day-to-day operational requirements has now been realized.

The shipper’s construction and form-factor enhance its operational life – it can service hundreds of shipments. It is very easy to clean thereby reducing chances of contamination. Overall, it streamlines operations, and reduces inventory management hassles. The printed pack-out instruction on the lid makes it easy to train employees; and significantly reduces the possibility of user error. All of this culminates in reduced costs and wastes due to the increased efficiency and product protection.

The MaxPlus Multi-Product Blood Shipper is designed for blood center operations including STAT, scheduled change-out, and export deliveries of various blood products. The shippers arrive flat to help save storage space. You can brand the shipper with your logo and use it as a day-to-day operation solution in collection drives, hospital services, or out of state distribution.

Streamline your blood center operations and save costs with MaxPlus Multi-Product Blood Shipper, visit or reach out to us at Our expert team is standing by to support you in any way possible.

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