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Upgrade your MTP Deliveries with MaxPlus MTP Cooler® 2.0

MaxPlus Massive Transfusion Protocol Coolers are designed to accommodate all MTP needs. They store 1-6 units of red blood cells, 1 – 6 units of thawed plasma (warm or chilled) and 1-2 platelet units at optimal temperatures for up to 12 hours. Introducing the new MaxPlus MTP Cooler 2.0 with enhanced infection control compliance.

Validated for up to 12 hours, the MTP 2.0 Cooler exhibits an improved ergonomic design, a solid propylene body that is easier to clean and disinfect; and the utility of a built-in roller cart. It is also validated for storage and transfer of Cerus INTERCEPT platelet units.

“MaxPlus MTP Cooler is so simple and so easy to use. We’ve decreased our blood product wastage drastically since implementation.”

– Harbour UCLA Medical Center

The MaxPlus MTP Cooler has made a tremendous impact in streamlining the transfusion operations at Level 1 Trauma Centers. Harbour UCLA Medical Center reported an 86% reduction in pRBC loss since implementing the MaxPlus MTP Cooler. The improved operational efficiency, cost savings and corresponding improvements in servicing patients make the MaxPlus MTP Cooler a must have solution for your blood bank operations.

Summary of upgrades:

● Payload container is now built into the cooler, makes gel pack placement and packing blood units easier

● Frozen (white) and refrigerated (blue) gel packs are differentiated

● Platelet pouch includes PCM22 gel pack that can be charged after each use

● Larger platelet pouch with a latch enclosure to store Cerus intercept platelet bags without folding; and standard apheresis bags

● Constructed from solid propylene material that is easier to clean and disinfect

Figure 1: (Left) MaxPlus MTP 1.0 with payload insert, (Right) the new upgraded MaxPlus MTP 2.0 Cooler.

Blood banks have to tackle several operational risks especially during trauma situations. MaxQ is proud to be a part of the solution for Hopsitals and Trauma Centers all over the world. Upgrade your Blood Bank with a MaxPlus MTP Cooler 2.0, visit or reach out to us at Our expert team is standing by to support you in any way possible.

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