MaxPlus PR Platelet Shipper

Specifically designed for larger size PR Platelet bags (e.g. Cerus INTERCEPT platelet bags), with no need for bag folding, the MaxPlus PR Platelet shippers are the new standard in ensuring platelet safety. These highly reusable systems come equipped with Phase 22 coolants, high quality vacuum insulation resulting in a turn-key solution that is 40% smaller than the current platelet shippers. All-season validation of up to 30 hours in safely transporting 1-15 units make these the most cost-effective solution!

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MaxPlus PR Platelet Shipper
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  • Ships flat, reduce storage space up to 50%

  • Simple, All season, validated pack-out

  • Highly reusable (reskinning option)

  • 15-18% reduction in shipping costs

  • Maintains temperatures at 20-24 degrees Celsius

  • Temperature consistency up to 30 hours

  • Packs between 1-15 PR platelet units

  • No bench time or special handling

  • Outside of box can be customized with your logo or branding

  • Comes with pack-out instructions

  • Includes box validation services

The MaxPlus Difference

MaxPlus PR Platelet Shippers is the new standard replacing the low-tech, thick foam walled solutions that offer limited payload capacity, and are highly deficient in shipping duration and require a large amount of lab storage space. Validated for export and hospital distribution, MaxPlus PR Platelet Shippers combine unprecedented thermal performance,  space-optimized design, and advanced materials to enable sustainable and substantial savings, maximize safety, simplify validation, and deliver consistent peace-of-mind. MaxPlus PR Platelet Shippers are 40% smaller, resulting in at least 15% reduction in shipping costs. The ergonomic, attractively designed shippers are shipped and can be stored flat reducing storage space by 50%. Simplified validation,  easy pack out instructions and no bench time allow for expedited handling.

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Download a brochure to print, view our Export Platelet Shipper demonstration video or request product validation.

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