MaxPlus STAT Pouch

Purpose-designed and validated for STAT issue of rare
blood units, biologics (vaccines, refrigerated specimens etc.), the MaxPlus STAT Pouch provides on-demand, consistent temperature protection enabling true chain of custody and traceability. Now you can dispense single units with confidence and eliminate challenges in complying to the "30 minute rule"

Simple validation

Label with instructions

Never freeze solution

Holds 1 red blood cell unit

On-demand activation

Designed for STAT issue of rare blood units

MaxPlus STAT Pouch
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  • Holds 1 red  blood cell unit

  • Activates within seconds

  • For STAT issue of rare blood unit

  • Maintains temperatures at 1-6 degrees Celsius 

  • Temperature consistency up to 60 minutes

  • Never freeze solution keeps blood always above 1 degree Celsius

  • Increase "return-to-inventory" units

  • Validated for internal facility use

  • Comes with pack-out instructions

  • Available in a case of 20 pouches

The MaxPlus Difference

MaxPlus STAT Pouch is validated for up to 60 minutes for internal facility use. It is optimized for quick, on demand deployment.  Purpose-designed for STAT issue of rare blood unit, biologics (vaccines, specimens etc.) the STAT pouch provides consistent temperature protection and enables a true chain of custody and temperature compliance traceability.  The small, self sealing pouches include easy to follow pack-out instructions and directions for activation within seconds.

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