MaxPlus UFR V14X12 Vaccine Cooler
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Up to 12 Hours of Temperature Consistency

Temperatures of < -70°C with dry ice or holds between 2-8°C with reusable phase-change coolant packs.

Turnkey Solution

No bench time conditioning

Last-Leg Transportation

Durable handles allow for easy transport to distribution areas

Packaged with Preliminary Validation Report

No bench time conditioning

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The MaxPlus UFR Cooler is validated to maintain either ultra-cold temperatures (<70°C) or refrigerated (2-8ºC) temperatures for up to 12 hours of use. Ultra-cold temperatures are achieved through the use of dry ice, while refrigerated temperatures are maintained through the use of reusable phase-change coolant packs. They are designed for last-leg transport and distribution and are great for on-site storage.

The MaxTrace Difference

MaxPlus Vaccine Coolers with MaxTrace Digital Data Logger (DDL) are designed with proven Maxify thermal protection technology to offer a simple, economical and easy-to-implement solution. The cooler has been created to help transport the emergency storage of Flu and COVID-19 vaccines (when launched). State health programs, across the country, are preparing to run mass vaccination camps in schools, community centers, county health centers, large healthcare systems and curbside programs at pharmacies. These vaccination camps will assist in rapid immunization. The MaxPlus Vaccine Cooler is engineered to help the immunization programs to plan and efficiently transport vaccines, at precise temperatures, while complying to the CDC and VFC standards.