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Cut Back on Waste with the Reusable UN3373 Shipper

Cardboard boxes as shipping containers for UN3373 biological substances are outdated. They may be light, but they are not particularly durable. Wear quickly appears after just one shipment as it transfers hands in the supply chain. Sticker removal can damage the box integrity, as can removing the tape when opening the package. Cleaning the boxes for reuse will slowly destroy the box as well, since cardboard is porous and maintains moisture. This moisture retention can also lead to mold as it is stored and waits to be used again, which will lead to more purchases and more waste.

To combat this accumulation of waste, we have made a reusable 3373 shipping container for use as you ship between facilities. It’s made from durable corrugated plastic instead of cardboard, so moisture won’t slowly destroy the shipper. Removing labels and tape is easy and will not damage the box, and you can use alcohol or acetone to wipe off any sticky residue before breaking it down to be placed in storage.

MaxPlus Reusable UN3373 3-Day Shipper

Our shipper is available in three sizes: Small Overnight, Medium Overnight, or Medium Three Day. Each shipper will come with all required UN3373 items: an absorbent pad, a biohazard bag, and a secondary storage container. They meet requirements for air travel and shipping as well.

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