We design and manufacture operationally validated cold chain packaging for the life science industry.

Our Thermal Control Packaging

Innovative Blood Bank and Hospital-optimized validated shipping and storage systems. View our full list of blood packaging solutions.

Pre-qualified pack-outs for up to 120 hours, validated for customer-specific products and ambient exposures. They deliver reduced packaging and shipping costs, simplified validation, expedited handling, and consistent peace-of-mind.

Shipping biologics, samples or pharmaceuticals? Our pre-qualified pack-outs are guided by our client’s operational requirements, tested and manufactured with thorough operational qualifications to exceed regulatory requirements.

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Blood Test
Custom Packaging

We design for our client's unique needs - what needs to be shipped, the quantity, its ideal temperature and the environmental conditions it will be subject to en route to its destination. 

Validation Services

Comprehensive package design, testing, and evaluation services that deliver independent qualification of standard operating procedures. 

Live Tracking

A combination of integrated location tracking and temperature monitors provide you with real-time updates and actionable information.

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The MaxPlus MTP cooler makes STAT blood issue clear cut and uncomplicated. This colorful and innovative cooler on wheels can be delivered to the patient bedside and will exceed your expectations!

Diana Lechuga BB (ASCP)

Blood Bank and Phlebotomy Supervisor
Corpus Christi Medical Center


MaxPlus RBC shippers are precise and efficient in holding temperatures for 48 hours. MaxQ's team was instrumental in assisting us with international shipper validation and implementation, providing stellar technical support and customer service!

Sue Corby MT (ASCP) SBB
Manager of Immunohematology Reagent and Genotyping Services
Innovative Blood Resources

“MaxPlus coolers are so precise and easy to use. We simply love them!”

Sheri Goertzen
Transfusion Service Supervisor
Valley Children’s Healthcare

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