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MaxQ Expands Operations in Stillwater, Oklahoma

2020 has presented several challenges, it has been a period of resilience and an opportunity to build stronger roots. With the support of our customers, collaborators, community and investors our team has grown. We have grown in terms of customers we support, products that we produce and services that we offer.

With investments in research and production resources coupled with technology advancements, MaxQ is excited to update our relocation to a larger facility in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The addition of 30% operating space has enabled a 50% increase in production capacity. Facilitating an option to dedicate customer / project specific assembly and production lines. As well as reserved warehouse space for shipper leasing and re-certification programs. We’re excited to embrace the growth and welcome the opportunity to support customers all over the world.

The highlight of our expansion are the state of the art upgrades to our Testing lab. The addition of new test equipment and software at our NIST traceable cold chain package testing lab has increased capacity and our capability to execute package validation testing (DQ, OQ, PQ) contracts, provide thermal package simulation services and physical performance testing for our customers.

Taking on the strenuous load of validating shippers off of our customers hands and executing it for them in a timely and efficient manner is something we take great pride in. The contracts are carried out following Operational Qualification (OQ) guidelines that come complete with thorough and NIST traceable thermal validation reports. This increase in testing capacity has provided yet another level of service to our customers and we look forward to seeing our testing services grow in the coming months. The use of virtual cold chain and CFD thermal modeling software allows us to quickly design, test and implement the most efficient thermal control shipping solution for our customers’ specific needs. We save time and ultimately reduce costs for our customers while optimizing packaging and traceability solutions. Physical performance testing allows us to prove the grit that comes with choosing a MaxQ shipper as each design has been rigorously drop tested per ASTM standards.

The expanded warehousing footprint will help us support future growth in 2021 and beyond.

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