MaxPlus One-Way Export Shipper


  • One-way shipper for both domestic and international shipping.

  • Reusable shipper with three-year service life.

  • Robust construction to withstand rigors of 3PL and airline shipping.

  • Validated against stringent ISTA 7D-based summer and winter ambient conditions
  • 1RBC20M48 holds 20 RBC units at 1 - 10°C for 48 hours

  • 1RBC4x48 holds 6 RBC units at 1 - 10°C for 48 hours.

  • 1RBC10x72 holds 10 RBC Units at 1 - 10°C for 72 hours.

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RBC shipper screenshot

The MaxPlus Difference

 MaxPlus Export Shippers are pre-qualified Inter-continental shippers for blood products. Purpose-designed for blood-bank export of red blood cells, MaxPlus Export Shippers combine unprecedented thermal performance and operationally efficient pack-outs that work across international and local shipping conditions. Our export shippers maintain temperatures up to 72 hours with no bench time needed. Thanks to unprecedented thermal performance there is no timely preparation needed to reach the optimal temperature for a given sample and no need for bulky foam and messy icepacks. The high strength, durable shippers are leak and spill proof with absorbent pads and poly bags inside, and customized pack outs are available to safely move a variety of specimen. The ergonomic, attractively designed shippers can be printed with customer branding. Simplified validation and easy pack out instructions allow for expedited handling. With thousands of domestic and inter-continental shipments, our clients have reduced shipping costs, simplified validation, and expedited handling.